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Updated: Apr 25, 2018

"Together We Bloom" was the theme of this year's Femme Fair. By the end of the event you I felt strong as hell and, yes, moved.

The Femme Fair is an annual female empowerment event that brings together inspirational speakers, the blogger community, and brands into a highly curated, Instaworthy space. Some speakers focused on discussing the business side of social media, while others talked about the day-to-day trials. Although many attendees come for the fashion and beauty, my mission was atypical yet made perfect sense.

As a fitness and wellness blogger, I attended the Femme Fair to fuel my mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. A big part of my fitness journey is my desire to create a fit mind and the ability to make confident decisions. I don't see many people like me in the popular media--a curvy, body-positive woman of color! Sometimes it takes another person who looks like you, who knows what you're going through, to tell you, "Babe, you are kicking ass."

I earned everything I have from determination, hard work, and being persistent as hell. I don't have any professional family connections. I grew up low-income, a daughter of immigrants. My mom could not complete her college education because she could not pay tuition. My dad never graduated high school. Today I have two bachelor's degrees and two master's degrees (yes, that's four degrees)--all from the #1 public university in the world, UC Berkeley.

Attending the Femme Fair was emotionally nourishing. I saw women of all body types and ethnic backgrounds unite to support one another. Yes, we took a lot of photos. Get over it. We take photos because we understand the power of technology and media. We understand it's our responsibility to use it for good. We want to show the world that we matter.

The cost to attend the fair wasn't cheap, but if you are a fashion, beauty, or style blogger, the value of the gift bag makes the ticket price seem minuscule.

Price Breakdown

VIP Early Bird $75

VIP $100 + $7.62 processing fee

General Admission $35 + $4.01 processing fee

Since I opted for VIP, I got the large 'Together We Bloom' tote bag designed by Nailah Ali with gifts valued at $575+. The bag included:

I was also the lucky winner of a Cocokind Basic Beauty Set valued at $58. Other giveaway prizes included $800 Peerspace credit, SoulCycle 3-class package, T3 Micro Whirl Trio, T3 Micro Featherweight compact, Oui Shave Rose Gold Set, Bumble & Bumble Curl Collection, and the grand, big daddy prize: a Dyson Super Sonic Hair Dryer.

My highlights for the event were:

  • Business and marketing advice from successful bloggers

  • The powerful talk by Chloe Vega of Selah Freedom

  • Blowout and style by Dyson Hair

  • Makeup by Stylebee

  • Professional headshots by Zoe Larkin

  • AH-mazing drool-worthy desserts by the Jen Project

  • Gorgeous flower bracelet-making by Le Bouquet

  • Cocktails and wine

  • Instaworthy photo opportunities

  • Opportunity to shop for looks, especially loved the vintage vendors

  • Meeting so many strong, smart, and beautiful women!

Although I love stuff, the value of having a one stop shop for hair, makeup, a curated space, and headshots made the event well worth it for me in particular. These photos can be used in my resume, website, and more. It's a great feeling to have fun while accomplishing work!

The Femme Fair is an experience like no other. I felt the love. I got shit done. I had fun. I can't wait for next year!

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