Get Fit in 2019: My New Year's Resolutions

2018 was a fantastic year of growth! I consistently worked out 4-5 times a week (sometimes more). I consistently ate more vegetables. Call me Popeye because I love me some spinach! Most importantly, I became more confident in my decisions, my body, and my self. That's why it's been so hard cultivating my 2019 resolutions. My life isn't perfect, but I've learned to look positively.

For 2019, I want to continue what I'm doing physically and do more to support my mental health. Particularly, this includes relieving financial and work-related anxiety because spending money is emotional. How many of us have bought clothes for the joy of spending?

1. Save more (in high yield savings accounts)

As my 30th birthday edged closer, I became obsessed about saving money. I was unfortunate enough to earn my bachelor's degree during the Recession, which was the main reason I went to graduate school. Now two years out of school, in a much better economy, the majority of my money goes to loans and rent. Thanks, San Francisco.

My goal is to save a 6-month emergency fund for rent, food, transportation, and basic amenities. I am already more than half way to my goal!

2. Invest more (for retirement) with a diverse portfolio

A year out of school I opened a robo-managed Roth IRA and personal investment account since my company at the time did not offer a 401k plan. I'm so glad I did! Although I finally have a 401k, it's nice to have diverse investments. Each work in different ways and have different levels of accessibility.

I have a Safe Harbor 401k. Unlike a match, the company contributes 3% of whatever money I make during the past fiscal year, so this means I need to contribute as much as possible to take advantage of the tax-free contributions.

3. Balance work and play

Like many Millenials, I have a side hustle or two, which helps me maintain a fun lifestyle with nice things while also saving for retirement and paying off those pesky loans.

I can be a workaholic at times, but having fun is just as important!

4. Oh man, finally one about fitness... Exercise, consistently

After the holiday slump, a slew of traveling, and so many holiday treats, I slacked on the exercising during that last week of December with too much cardio and not enough heavy lifting. Now, I have to get those baby abs back!

5. Eat healthy, consistently

I'm pushing myself to eat the 3 different macro-nutrients during each meal (even snacks). My weaknesses are carbohydrates, particularly breads and grains. instead, I need to increase my healthy fats and proteins, especially at breakfast. Lastly, I'm going to introduce adaptogens into my diet. I was recommended reishi and ashwaganga. I've already placed my online orders!

So, what are you're 2019 Resolutions? Did you accomplish your 2018 fitness goals?

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