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I grew up with acne like many teenagers. After turning 18, my skin generally cleared up. However, external factors, such as pollution, and internal factors, such as stress, still affect the day-to-day health of my skin.

That is why I've developed 5 essential skincare habits. These habits are derived from both visiting with estheticians and my own personal experience.

My Top 5 Skincare Tips

5. W A S H your face.

·Wash your face thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds). I wash my face in the morning, after a workout, and before bed. Because of my naturally dry skin, I use a cleanser with oil. Trader Joe's face wash with tea tree oil is a very affordable but highly effective product. The oil helps deep clean the skin, while also providing healthy vitamins and nutrients depending on the product.

·Periodically remove dead skin using a facial scrub, such as St. Ives. I do this 1-2 times a week. The scrub should be as fine as sand; anything too abrasive can remove too much skin. For dry lips, I use a old toothbrush to scrub excess skin.

·When washing your face, take this time to meditate and relieve tension. Put your phone away. Play relaxing music.

·If you wear makeup, use a primer, which can help prevent makeup from clogging your pores. The eyelids are the most difficult to clean, so I often use a cotton swab, especially to remove eyeliner. Use an eyelid scrub if you have especially dry eyes.

4. H Y D R A T E.

·Drink plenty of water. Consuming electrolytes, such as sodium, is also important so your body can properly retain hydration. Many pre-workout drinks, including BCAAs, and natural coconut water are great sources of electrolytes! I recommend C-4 Pre-workout and VitaCoco coconut water with no added sugar. Avoid artificially sweetened sports drinks, which can spike insulin levels.

·Adding a toner (astringent) or facial oil can add extra moisture to your routine. I recommend the Cocokind toner and facial oil. Above all, it's most important to use a moisturizer that will lock in the hydration.

·Sunscreen helps prevent blocks UVA/UVB rays from your skins that can cause cancer. It also helps retain moisture throughout the day. Most sunscreens require replenishment every 2 hours. It’s best wait for 15 minutes to let the sunscreen absorb in your skin before swimming or sweating it off before a hike.

3. E A T H E A L T H Y and treat yourself in moderation.

·Eat dark greens like spinach, healthy fats like salmon, and 70% dark chocolate for funsies! It’s okay to eat dessert. Fried food in moderation, but remember that this can cause bloating. I love a good fried chicken sandwich!

2. Keep a C L E A N home.

·Wash your pillow case and bed sheets frequently! Even if your bed looks clean, it could be covered in your natural body oils (esp. from your hair) and dead skin. I wash my pillow cases every week and bed sheets every two weeks.

·Also, keep the air quality in your home as fresh as possible. Since I live in a city with pollution and smog, I use both an air purifier and scented mister. Eucalyptus essential oil is my favorite!

1. R E L A X and have fun!

·Stress is a big contributing factor the production of hormones, such as cortisol, which can cause breakouts. The more you stress out, the more likely you’ll breakout. Exercising helps release endorphins (thanks, Elle Woods) and helps counteract the stress hormone cortisol. Remember to treat yourself—get a massage, eat that dessert, or have a cocktail.

Treating myself to an açai bowl after a workout

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