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Updated: Apr 24, 2018

I began my fitness journey at 175 lbs. Today I'm 152 lbs. Although, my fitness journey is far from over, I'm excited to share what has worked for me so far.

Healthy Eating

Everybody and every body is different. Flexible dieting and a 30% caloric deficit has been the most effective for my needs. In flexible dieting, I track my macronutrients using the LoseIt App. I simply input my goals (e.g. weight loss, daily protein intake, steps), log my food, and it displays the nutrient breakdown. It is also linked to my FitBit, the Health App., and other gym Apps for ease of calorie tracking. My Fitness Pal is a similar application.

The amount of recommended macronutrients varies by person. Since consuming protein builds muscle, I strive for this macronutrient the most--at least 100g. (Got to build that peach.) I make a protein shake everyday, which has 20g of protein. This is typically my pre-workout, and then I recover with a BCAA drink plus a protein meal/snack, such as an egg burrito.

The rest of my diet consists of healthy fats, such as walnuts, salmon, and avocado. Yes, I'm a big fan of avocado toast! Plus, the amazing part about flexible dieting is the ability to eat bread and dessert! That is, eat in moderation. I love 70% dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies (Lenny and Larry's protein cookie), and ever since I studied abroad in Denmark, a nice flakey pastry.

I would see faster results by eating less sugary and processed foods, but it wouldn't be sustainable to my lifestyle. At least half of the meals I eat are frozen or takeout because of my busy workweek. It would also be more difficult to socialize if I restricted my diet, since I socialize by trying out new foods with friends.


As specified by my trainer, I exercise 5 times a week -- 3 days of weight training and 2 days of whatever my body or schedule needs. Listening to my body is very important! And yes, I do a lot of weighted squats for the peach.

Below is an outline of my goals and typical schedule.

Goal: Lose 1 lbs. per week

Anticipated Goal Date: June 27, 2018

Typical Week:

  • Sunday - Weight Training

  • Monday - Rest Day

  • Tuesday - Weight Training

  • Wednesday - Weight Training

  • Thursday - Rest Day

  • Friday - HIIT Class

  • Saturday - Hip Hop Dance

Above all, my #1 rule is to have FUN! I'm building a healthier lifestyle, so it's important to enjoy myself. Wellness is a vital, but often overlooked, component of weightloss. Without wellness, it is difficult to succeed. I go on hikes, At the end of the day, I have to be happy with who I am as a person!

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